• Although VIETLINK HAIR has recently come out in hair market, we have quickly gained trust of customers all over the world with the wide range of hair products. So now, let us show you what we have.
  • The first reason makes customers always choose VIETLINK HAIR is that 100% hair products that have the origin from remy hair. All the hair we collect is from Vietnamese women who own smooth long black hair. You may know that Vietnamese women usually take care of their hair with natural methods, so when the hair is made into hair extensions, it still keeps all of the features of natural hair.
  • With this perfect origin, we are so proud of our hair’s quality. We can guarantee that there is no chemical added in the process of making hair extensions so that you can easily feel the scent of natural hair. Moreover, hair has to go through our very strict process to get rid of all dust or insects. There is also no tangle or mess between hair strands. They are smooth and fluent just like your real hair.
  • Let us take you through our main hair products. Mentioning our hair extensions, you can choose weft hair, bulk hair, tips hair, tape hair and clip in hair. They are all the most popular hair extensions in the world. Besides, VIETLINK HAIR also supplies with a variety of other hair products like ponytail, hair closure and wigs.
  • Textures are the main factor that gives you various options here. Each kind of hair extension has three main textures. They are straight, curly and wavy. In addition, for each kind of texture we have more specific types. For example, when it comes to straight hair we have yaki straight, natural straight and kinky straight.
  • In term of color, many hot trend hair colors are regularly updated in VIETLINK HAIR. Black, dark brown, light brown, blonde and cold colors are the major colors. Each kind of color has many levels.
  • No matter how tall you are, VIETLINK HAIR’s has the right hair size for you. The hair length varies from 8 to 32 inches.
  • One more important thing is the hair standard. You can base on these four main standards to choose your most suitable hair: Single drawn hair, double drawn hair, super double drawn hair and one donor hair.

It’s all about our products. If you want to turn into a gorgeous girl with beautiful hair, please contact us right now. It is an honor for us to support you.