Know About Hair Extension Types

By Admin vào lúc 15/07/2022

There are many types of hair extensions that women use to make their hairs look beautiful. Sometimes the growth of natural hair stops at a certain age so women like to wear hair extensions to make their hairs long and beautiful. There are many types of hair extensions available in the market and one such company that develops them is VIETLINK HAIR. This is a wholesale hair extensions company and salons can contact it to buy weft hairs in bulk. Some of these types are discussed below.

  • Bonded or fusion hair extension

Many ladies prefer this kind of hair extension. These hairs can be easily fused with the natural hairs. In order to bind these hairs, glue or keratin is used. The duration of these hairs is long if proper care is taken.

  • Weave or sew-in hair extensions

IF certain parts of the hairs are braided, these hair extensions can be weaved in those parts with the help of thread and needle. No heat or glue is needed for attaching it to the natural hairs. These extensions can be reused so purchasing the hair extensions at regular intervals is not required.

If a woman uses this type of extensions, she needs to visit a salon monthly to tighten the extensions and this can lead to an increase in salon cost. Too much styling should not be done as it can result in loosening of the braids.

  • Tape-in hair extensions

This hair extension is attached to the sections of the hair of a person who is wearing them. In order to attach the hair single or double-sided tapes are used. People who have thin or fine hairs can use this extension to make the hairs beautiful. Oil and silicone-based products should be avoided as these can damage the extension. These extensions can be reused and applying them is very easy.

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